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Techhoody provides a comprehensive solution designed to create a service booking platform. The world today is about working together and growing together. The aim is to bridge gaps between the production channels and demand so that services are easier to access.

What Will You Get?

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Application for taxi booking

Let your clients book trips with the iOS / Android mobile apps of the branded white label.

Apps for Drivers

Drivers can accept driving demands easily in a single tap with our driver applications.

Dashboard for dispatcher

A single intelligent dashboard to manage real-time cab dispatches, drivers & vehicles.

Admin Panel

Obtain a 360 degree summary of the taxi company and make the big data analysis more efficient.


Platforms We Are Using to Develop Marvelous Apps


Angular 7


React Native

UX - for App

Web Design

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App for Driver and Rider

Take online your taxi reservation & cab dispatcher.

Smart Sheriff

Smart Sheriff

Send new cab bookings to most appropriate drivers automatically.


24/7 Available Services

Technical support 24 hours a day and a dedicated account manager will handle your problems simultaneously.


Get best in less time

Do not hire expensive developers of taxi apps, get your Uber clone today.


Your application, Your brand

Get the cab booking and driver experience with your marketed, white-labeled taxi app.


Change by your preferences

Go ahead and customize our uber clone to your competitors as it pleases.

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1What is Hoodytaxi?

Hoodytaxi is a solution for a new phase for your taxi business. It is made up of a customer application, a driver application and a shipping table. The entire taxi booking process can be booked, tracked, managed and sent under one platform.

2 Why do I need HoodyTaxi?

HoodyTaxi reduces the manual efforts of the taxi company in the dispatch and management of reservations. It creates a high-tech working environment for your existing taxi business.

3Is HoodyTaxi easyto use and afordable?

HoodyTaxi requires minimum working guidance. It is a software ready to use that can be used anywhere in the world. Our ultimate goals were to make the software easy and cost-effective.

4 How can I purchase HoodyTaxi?

Click on Conact Us button and fill the require details.Our member will contact you and provide you with all the payment details.

5What should I do, If I've got more questions?

If you have more questions then feel free to contact us on info@hoodytaxi.com