Our Hoody Taxi

Get your own custom taxi reservation Best Uber Clone App branded on demand to improve your competitive edge and boost your income. We consider your company needs and design your custom taxi app to assist you bring your taxi company online and grow it worldwide. Furthermore, solution supports various currencies and languages such as English, Arabic, etc.

    Amusing App Solution For Your Passengers!

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Quick Bookings
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Seamless Payments
  • Security & Ratings

    The driver app is a vital part of the Uber clone ecosystem. The features are integrated to keep the driver app seamlessly to work in the ecosystem.

  • Quick Registration
  • Real-Time Requests
  • Trip Details
  • Track Payments

    The robust admin dashboard helps you control and track both drivers and passengers with a user-friendly backend panel.

  • Driver Management
  • Passenger Management
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Payments Management
  • Analytics

Passenger Features

In our Hoody taxi uber clone app there are amazing features available!
Using these app passenger will definitely happy with services.
Amazing features for Signup

Our best Uber Clone script has a moderate style with expert look and feel, which enhances client encounter and is adapted to be instinctive without compromising on its core features.Using social media accounts, passengers can easily register with email, mobile number or login.

Fare Prices Estimation

Our Uber Clone App has a precise and steady estimation of fares, so clients realize precisely the amount they have to pay. This additionally considers different outer components like taxi accessibility, rush hours and time of day.

Summary for the Ride

After the completion of ride, an exhaustive ride summary is created which demonstrates different subtleties like route and time taken. The Uber Cloning application additionally spares the information for future reference.

Saving Location History

Our Best Uber Clone App naturally saves all pickup and drop areas for a specific client, so they don't need to continue chasing for often visited locations in the google map.


Get all types of notifications about landing, venture subtleties, limits and other vital declarations through your Uber Cloning App.Via SMS, email and push notifications, passengers receive significant alerts & updates.

Details of Car

While looking for rides, clients can get itemized data about vehicles including the registration number and ratings of that particular driver.

All Payment Gateways, wallets and cash

With our uber clone script for payment, the client can make the instalment through advantageous channels like Cash, Wallet and furthermore through Payment Gateways.Passengers can create payments using various payment alternatives such as money, card and wallet.

Details of Driver

Discover driver subtleties that are ebb and flow including driver area, ratings and different subtleties with our Uber Cloning App from our driver database.

Book For Others

Our Uber Clone App has dedicated useful feature to book a ride other people when needed. So now you family and friends can relax and you can book app for them.

Precise Estimation of Arrival
& dropping time

Being a great degree of responsive cab booking app, even little changes in pickup or drop times are determined precisely and transferred promptly, so individuals could spare some valuable minutes in their bustling calendar.

Passenger App Screenshots

Here you can see the user site application feature's screenshots.
Through these you can get idea how its work.

Driver Features

For a variety of reasons, people prefer taxi services, and this offers endless possibilities for entrepreneurs. It's a time-consuming affair to develop an app from scratch and it costs a fortune. Therefore, it is a better and more reliable option to use a customizable, cost-efficient and time-efficient Uber like app clone. To make your app stand out from the remainder with ease, we deliver a broad variety of stellar characteristics.
Driver side of Hoody taxi app very user friendly and easy to manage. Any driver can use it.

User Details

The driver can get prompt notice about the subtleties of a traveller, in our uber cloning application while the ride is booked, so they can settle on a fast choice.

In-app payment details

Procuring is the most vital part in the driver side. In our Uber clone application, driver can know the status of their profit through the application itself.

Instant Alert on Ride Requests

Ride requests are received on driver application at the moment when client send, the driver could acknowledge/dismiss the ride ask for by a solitary tap.

Live Navigation

Our Uber Cloning App offers continuous navigational updates which the driver can use to follow trips through maps, giving a smooth and responsive look and feel.

Go online/offline Status

With our Uber Cloning App driver can easily manage to remain online or offline by a single click. Drivers will only get a ride request when they are online.

Driver Dashboard

In dashboard itself, the driver could ready to see the last trips subtleties, today tips, today income, his evaluations, vehicle type, number and so forth.

Bank account can be added

Driver can refresh their financial balance subtleties in Uber clone App itself, where administrator can exchange driver income utilizing that ledger subtleties.

Profile Settings

Our Uber Clone application has distinctive profiles, individual and expert, which the drivers can see and alter effortlessly.

Driver App Screenshots

Below screenshots are showing that how drivers site application
works and its very easy to use for drivers.

Admin Panel / Dashboard Features

The Mechanism of best uber clone app development Doesn’t really involve only the rider and driver panels. Apart From These, Admin Panel is also Important which is actually the main module of a best uber clone taxi booking app With a Robust Admin Panel The Service Provider Can and The Passenger.
With the rider and driver applications alone, the method of taxi applications like Uber creation is not limited. The admin panel is also a key component of a taxi reservation app's primary module. The service provider can easily monitor and regulate both the Passenger App and the Driver App with a solid administrative panel.
You can see that here in screenshots of admin dashboard that how to
manage Sub-Admins, Drivers, Users and see the features.

Secure Login

We have developed secure login and it includes 2-factor authentication for your team to securely access the admin console.

Custom Dashboard

We create highly customizable dashboard to get a high-level operational overview. So admins can have a glance of higher level operations.The proprietor of the platform receives a strong web-based console from a core dashboard to handle all elements of the company. Get fast summary, operation and performance stats.

User Access Controls

We create user access controls and assign and control granular access levels to multi-level users of the admin panel.

Management of Drivers

We have developed special functionality where in admin can add and manage the complete driver network, their pay, feedback and all other stuff.

Add driver

In manage driver admin can manage all drivers. Admin can add driver using Add button. After click that button admin can add all driver details like name, username, gender and car details also.

Manage Day Time

At the admin panel we have create Manage day time section where admin can manage day time. There are start time and username named two sections which can edit by admin.


Admin have profile and that profile can be modify at any time. In edit profile option you can select profile picture, name, username, email, contact no and role.

Manage Booking

In this panel admin can view all bookings. In view booking option there are sections like User, car, Driver details, map and payment. Admin can see all the details related to these sections.

Admin Panel Screenshots

You can manage all data here in admin panel and
flow of work is very easy to understand.